"How can I make money working from home?"

Are you looking to earn some extra money in your spare time, looking to replace your current or previous income, or maybe just looking to start your own business? There are many and varied reasons to decide to look for something that can allow you to make money from home. If any of these are you then please keep reading below to find out how you can do just that.

Why I Began

I began looking for something to replace my JOB for 2 reasons. One, I was tired of working my butt off only to make someone else wealthier, and two, because I knew I couldn’t and didn’t want to work until I was 70 or 80 as I knew my 401K wasn’t going to be the answer. So I started looking for something better. That’s when I found wholesaling real estate and it has changed my life. Now I can take those vacations and have the time to spend with my family when I want, and not just when I get off work.

I want that for you as well and that’s why I have put together this program. It includes everything I have learned along my journey and I know that if you apply all the steps as outlined you can have the better life you desire as well.

What is Wholesaling Real Estate?

Wholesaling Real Estate is where a real estate investor, you, finds a motivated seller. Then you negotiate a bargain sale price for their property. Then sign a contract with the seller. Next marketing the contract to another investor that would look to rehab or buy the property as a rental. You then assign the contract the the end investor for a wholesale or assignment fee.

What if I don't have any money?

You do not need any money as you are not looking to purchase the property, you are only negotiating the contract and then assigning the contract for a fee.

What if I have bad credit?

Your credit is not an issue. You are dealing directly with motivated sellers, and not looking to finance any purchases so it is never necessary to even check your credit.

What if I don't have any Real Estate experience

No prior real estate experience is needed. This Step-By-Step guide will teach you everything you need to know to successfully wholesale real estate.

Here's what the Huffington Post had to say

Wholesaling: The Real Estate Investment Niche for Everyone


Real Estate Wholesaling

If you want to get really excited about opportunities available to the average person, real estate wholesaling can do the job. Whether you have money or not, you can wholesale real estate and make far better margins than the traditional wholesale business.

Read full article here

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Step-by-step guide to everything you need to know to wholesale real estate

You will learn how to find properties through direct mail marketing, social media, online listings, etc, negotiate with sellers and buyers, estimate repairs, and more. With the techniques that you will learn, and with no previous Real Estate experience, you can be on your way to making the extra money you want.

What this program is not is a get rich quick ripoff. You can not sit at home on your computer and expect money to just roll in. It will require work and that you are comfortable talking with people as you will need to negotiate with both sellers and buyers. So if you are comfortable talking with people and ready to earn some extra income or even replace your current income, then continue reading.

Escape the rat race

Are you tired of the grind of the 9 to 5 or 6 or 8 or more every day? Thinking to yourself there has to be a better way? Well, I’m glad to tell you there is. With this proven strategy, people just like you are learning to take their future into their own hands and firing their bosses and building their own business.

You can win

With this program, you can begin earning extra income to afford that much-needed vacation. Or begin replacing your current income. How far you can go is only limited by you and the action you are willing to take and how hard you are willing to work for it.

Simple step by step program to success

Follow the guide at your own pace in your spare time

Simple step by step program to success

Here’s what you will receive with your purchase!

  • Step-By-Step guide to Wholesaling Real Estate
  • Motivated seller script
  • The Purchase Contract that I use in my wholesale deals *
  • Agreement To Assign Contract *
  • Excel Wholesale Calculator (used to estimate repairs, Wholesale fee, Purchase price and sell price)
  • Sample Yellow Letter and Postcard
  • Sample Online ads for finding Sellers and Buyers.
  • Sample Marketing Sig

All this could easily add up to well over


.That’s not what you’ll pay today.

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All materials will be delivered in a compressed zip file by direct download upon completion of purchase. Documents are in adobe reader format. You can get the free reader here

To utilize the Excel Wholesale Calculator requires that you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.
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